Excel PivotTable Training Course

Who is this course for?

We live in the age of big data. Information is being collected all the time for increasingly detailed transactions. Without the proper tools and trai

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July, 4 2020

Excel for HR Professionals

Having a HR dashboard is vital nowadays as it enables you to manage your employee information in one single document, and obtain valuable information for both the depart

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June, 9 2020

Our Social Responsibility during Covid-19

Free access to Online Courses on our FE+ Learning

As a socially responsible company, we can’t condone profiting from those who are scrambling to deal with the pro

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April, 1 2020

1010 from 2020 -New Year Offer

On this New Year 2020, FE+ Business Solutions offer 50% special discount on various online courses.

So enroll your desire course today with an

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January, 1 2020

The Role and Importance of Insurance for Economic Growth

When most people think of insurance, it’s individual auto or homeowner’s policies that first come to mind. Some might even think about the insurance payments they must make each month to keep thei

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March, 8 2019

Advance Excel Training ( 3 days workshop, 12-14 Feb 2019)

MS EXCEL is one of the most prolific tools being used by most of the businesses around the world. Nowadays, most people know about and use Excel in their d

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February, 12 2019

Skill Enhancement Training -UNTP COHORT VII

Skill enhancement provides the opportunity and knowledge for a client to develop and strengthen the necessary skills to gain, maintain, and advance in a chosen area.

Definition o

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January, 11 2019