Collaborative Skills Training Solutions

The joint collaboration with training institute of Singapore, we are providing ” Collaborative Skills Training “ for better human capital development.

What is the best way to maximize overall team communication and productivity? 

Collaborative Skills for Teams personalizes the learning experience for each team member. Participants discover distinct team roles, identify which team role they are most comfortable utilizing, and learn the different stages of team projects. Relevant video and hands-on experiential learning activities generate rich opportunities for participants to learn strategies for maximizing their contributions, resulting in creation of highly productive, efficient, and cohesive teams.

This class provides organizations with the key to building collaborative, effective teams by teaching participants the need for different roles on a team and exploring how various team roles communicate, manage time, and manage priorities.

In Collaborative Skills for Teams, Participants will:

  • Learn the different roles within teams, their preferred role and the diversity of priorities and preferences of each role in a team
  • Understand the challenges and communication breakdowns they may face when working with others who have different priorities, roles and talents.
  • Learn to maximize productivity of team meetings by identifying clear expectations and understanding how to manage their own priorities and tendencies
  • Explore how team roles interact in meetings and learn effective strategies to be more effective about managing differences
  • Understand their own time management preferences based on their team role
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how people manage time to become more aware of how we might be helping and hindering team efforts
  • Create a personal action plan for strategies to consider when working with and communicating with each of the four roles


Managers, Executives, Individuals and Facilitators