Management 101 Training

Have you just stepped into a new management role?

This course provides you with the tools and skills you need to embark on the Management path. With this course you will receive the basic Leadership and management training needed to get started in your new management role. Learn how to create the structure for your team, and how to manage the people to make your team successful. You will learn how to hire the right people, how to create the vision and goals of the team, and how to ensure your employees know what is expected of them. You will also learn how to keep them on track, hold them accountable, and motivate them, to ensure the most success.

Training Goal

  • Understand how to create an engaged and motivated team, driven to reach goals
  • Create an accountability system to keep employees on track
  • Apply effective coaching and feedback strategies that produce results
  • Set goals that employees can understand and stick to
  • Understand how to deal with employee issues and tools for taking corrective action
  • Learn how to interview and hire the best candidates for your team


There are no requirements to attend this class.

Topics Covered

Leadership to inspire your employees

  • Creating a vision and mission for your team
  • The roles and focus areas of a manager
  • Creating accountability
  • Performance planning
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Communication skills when dealing with your employees
  • Identifying employee issues
  • Running effective meetings
  • Coaching techniques for successful outcomes
  • Giving good feedback
  • What is motivation?
  • How to reward employees on a minimal budget
  • Doing effective performance reviews
  • Creating performance/action plans
  • Handling employee conflicts
  • Creating trust in your team
  • Critical thinking
  • How to you hire the best employees? Learn how to with behavioral interviewing and skill and talent targeting.


Leadership and Management Training is a critical component to being a successful manager. All too often, managers are thrown into new management roles without being given the proper tools and techniques to enable their success. Management is a skill that can be developed with the right training. This course will give you the toolbox of critical things you will need to get you started. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees.