Human Resources Dashboard Training

Human resource managers have a lot of data that they have to track and stabalize. With their perview covering employee statistics, performance and legal issues, and leadership development, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. These HR Metrics and KPIs give you valuable insight into your data and help to ensure that no one is left in the dark.

In this human resources dashboard, we can see a variety of key performance indicators for the HR department. An HR manager can use this kind of dashboard to take salary and employee metrics out of Excel spreadsheets and onto an interactive scorecard. Key metrics like turnover, absenteeism, salary averages, and gender ratio are brought together in a single view, which can be easily updated and shared with key stakeholders.

Topics Covered

Gender Ratio

The Gender Ratio metric gives viewers insight into a key facet of diversity in the workplace: the female to male employee ratio. As society, and subsequently the workplace, becomes more and more focused on the importance of diversified workforces with varying perspectives being offered, this metric is paramount in assuring that the gender ratio of your employees is in good standing.