Courses under SANIMA Self-learning

Human Resources Bundle

  • Accounting Skills for New Supervisors (HRB01)
  • Customer Service Training – Managing Customer Service (HRB02)
  • Developing a Training Needs Analysis (HRB03)
  • Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance (HRB04)
  • Workplace Harassment – What It is and What to Do About It (HRB05)
  • English as a Second Language: A Workplace Communications Primer (HRB06)

Career Development Bundle

  • Project Management Training – Understanding Project Management (CDB01)
  • Purchasing and Procurement Basics (CDB02)
  • Risk Management (CDB03)
  • Mastering the Interview (CDB04)
  • Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public (CDB05)

Supervisors and Managers Bundle

  • Team Building – Developing High Performance Teams (SMB01)
  • Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo (SMB02)
  • Writing A Business Plan (SMB03)
  • Writing Reports and Proposals (SMB04)
  • Stress Management (SMB04)
  • Active Listening (SMB06)

Business Training for Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurship 101 (BTE01)
  • Women and Leadership: Owning Your Strengths and Skills (BTE02)
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Communication, Coaching, and Conflict (BTE03)

Marketing and Sales Bundle

  • Selling Smarter (MSB01)
  • CRM – An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management (MSB02)
  • Marketing with Social Media (MSB03)

Microsoft Office Skills Courses

  • Excel 2013 Advanced Essentials (MOS01)
  • Microsoft Excel : Foundation (MOS02)
  • Microsoft Excel : Intermediate (MOS03)
  • Microsoft Excel : Advance (MOS04)
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint -Intermediate (MOS05)
  • Microsoft Office Word -Intermediate (MOS06)


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Topics Covered

Human Resources, Career Development, Team Building, Leadership Skills for Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Sales and Microsoft Office Skills. 


All above courses are designed for Working/Non Working Professionals for Skills and Capacity Development.